Thursday, April 9, 2009


I'm not an especially organized person. I like for things to be accessible, easy to get at and clean. I like to know 'I need this thing and it's right here' put my hand 'there' and grab that thing.

But I don't get bent out of shape if it isn't there - unless it's my car keys as I'm headed out the door for work.

So it's rather odd that I would have spent the last 3 days moving and organizing my craft supplies. I now have nice boxes labelled things like 'Ribbons' and 'Paint' and by god if I need a pink ribbon and a bottle of green paint I know where to find them. It feels good - oddly enough.

I say that because I was always the kid who shoved all of her stuff under the bed and into the closet on the day my mother decreed as 'room cleaning day'. Where my brother would grab the vacuum, a pile of rags, the Pledge and an empty garbage pail and spend all day cleaning, I would shove as much stuff as I could out of sight, run over the flat surfaces with the tail of my shirt and run for the door. How's that for role reversal? Aren't the girls supposed to be the tidy ones? That's what my parents always thought.

But I've always been out-of-the-box in some way or another. Back in my Wondering post (or more appropriately 'Wandering' LOL) I wondered how I got to be a 300 pound woman. Now I wonder if that out-of-the-box-ness of mine wasn't a contributing factor. What came first - the weight or the eccentricity? Was it cause and effect? Or did they develop independently of each other?

I love that my crafting area is now uber organized, it just doesn't look like it belongs in my house, or to this person. Great Goddess - could there be a 'normal' person lurking inside me? Crying to get out? Could this be her way of seeking to exert dominance? At some point in my early life was there just a nice, normal JAD - and I (the evil twin part of my nature) ate her? Is that how I got to be 300 pounds? Is that who's now living out my life?